“"I love the tuna dip and get it whenever I am in Destin FL. I live in Jackson Mississippi.."”

Tara C.


“"I am retired now from the food industry and I am glad you are protecting the environment. I will continue to buy your product it's very good..."”

Elp T.


“I am only in Florida for about 4 months of the year, during which time I enjoy your fabulous Smoked Tuna Spread. I live in New Jersey the rest of the year and truly miss this delicious product of yours. Any suggestions as to how I can obtain it up here in the Garden State? Thanks for your attention   :-)”

Lydia T.


“Love the smoked tuna. Always go to publix and get when in fl. But who has in Maryland area?”

Stacey G.


“I lived in Fla for several years and I have been unable to find a product and excellent as yours! Do you sell on line or just wholesale?”

Alex L.


“I love this and i go up north for a few months is there any supermarket who carry it ??”

Dee H.


“Is this product available in Connecticut?
I had it in Florida and loved it.”

Dan E.


“I purchased your smoked tuna this weekend at Publix (Overton Road store) here in Birmingham, AL and last night tasted it for the first time. It was absolutely delicious on my heated sesame seed bagel. Looking forward to eating it again tonight.
Other than at Costco's it is difficult to find smoked fish spread in Birmingham. Thanks for providing such an outstanding product for this type of delicacy.”

Barry D.


“Hello, we are here in the sunny Caribbean and just tried your smoked salmon spread, and loved it!! We would like to purchase when we are home in the USA, we live in Philadelphia zip code 19147, are there any stores nearby that might carry it (or can we buy it direct))? Other zip codes that would work and we are in frequently are 19803 and 08402.”

Lenore S.


“Is it possible for you to ship your products to Michigan? Mom has requested your dips for Mother’s
Day! Can you help?”

Jan B.


“On a recent trip to Florida I was introduced to Beck's smoked tuna and salmon spreads.
I loved it and would like to get some. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Is Beck's sold anywhere near here or can it be ordered and delivered to my home?”

Roberta G.


“I bought your Tuna Spread in St Pete Beach a few weeks back and enjoyed it so much brought some home. Do you sell to any stores in my area were I could purchase more? I am in Springfield Illinois.”

Kathe P.


“I've been buying both your smoked whitefish and tuna spreads at Winn-Dixie in Margate.
Had some members of my family down from Pittsburgh, served them your spreads, they loved them. They especially liked the whitefish served on a rye triscuit. Do you have any outlets in their area?”

Muriel S.


“Thank you, Jackie!  As always, the spread is delicious, and the neighbors and family members whom I have shared it with are all in agreement on that point.  Thank you for your concern and attention to customer satisfaction.  With all the requests I am receiving for more Beck's Smoked Salmon Spread, you will be hearing from me again soon.  Why not distribute your products in Texas?  They will sell well no matter where you go.”

Jim L.


“I live at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO and I lived in West Palm Beach, FLA for thirty years and I'm dying without my fish spread. Please help me?”

Stephanie B.


“Hello, I visit my son often in ft. Lauderdale and find our family getting gluttonous over your fish spreads.   Do you have any distribution in Chicago?”

Cynthia V.


“The best spread in the market.... by far!”

Alejandro G.


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